Saying good-bye to a friend.

Losing a pet whether it be a cat, dog, bird, or even a snake can be very difficult. Many of us never really think about what would it be like without our kitty, or doggie, let alone a person. Everyone has there own way of grieving such a loss. It helps to have family and friends around of course, as well as another pet to fall back on. No loved one can be replaced, nor should you try doing so. After the initial shock, one has to deal with this nasty emptiness that fills your mind. It can be a very depressing and stressful time, especially if you have to go about your daily routine. Going to work, feeding the family, etc. I found it very important that you allow yourself time to think and grieve your loss.

Within the past year I have loss 2 very dear cats of mine. Hawkeye died on October 23, 1996, he was 16 years old and a diabetic. This cat has been around for half of my life, and I miss him very much. Garfield, was a very lovable kitty, he died on October 18, 1997. He too had diabetes, and both of them were on insulin. Garfield was 10 years old and I will miss him very much as well. Both were best of friends and after Hawkeye died, Garfield changed.

Shortly after Hawkeye's death, my sister forced me to check out an eight week old female kitten. I was reluctant but at the same time I really love kittens. After holding and playing with her, she has found a permanent place in my heart and home. My fiancee named her Amber, and she has turned out to be a very dear pet. We have recently adopted another cat who was left behind by it's owners. This poor male cat was left outside and nobody wanted him. So, I decided to catch him and let my vet examine him. After receiving a clean bill of heath, "Jonesy" has found a new home, and is doing quite well I may add.

In closing, loosing a pet is a lousy thing to experience, but if you love animals as much as I do, then find it in your heart to love another. Below is a poem that I received from the pet cemetery who cremated Hawkeye. I found it to be very comforting.....

"Farewell, Master, yet not farewell
Where I go, ye, too, shall dwell..
I am gone, before your face.
A moment in time, a little space.
When ye come where I have stepped
Ye will wonder why ye wept."

After Death by Edwin Arnold

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